Two Easy Ways to Partner with Cloud Telecomputers

Cloud Telecomputers offers its Glass platform under two models:

Platform Licensing
Private Label Devices

Both solutions promise additional recurring-revenue opportunities via cloud-based applications and new phone features enabled via software. All partners receive these benefits:

R&D avoidance, and cost savings on development
Rapid speed-to-market now and in the future
Competitive advantage via the best features and friendliest, most powerful UI on the market
Flexibility to develop new services (onboard and web-based) that drive recurring revenue and brand recognition
Increased value over time through ongoing platform enhancements and upgrades, and third-party development for specific target markets
Ability to modify the design to interoperate with different hardware devices
Ability to integrate business workflow applications with traditional telephony
Ability to position vertically to Law, Hospitality, Medical or other industries
Ability to position horizontally with CRM or workflow applications, video services, collaboration tools, etc.

Remote support tools for managing devices after the sale
Access to the user-supported Android development community
Free publicity that comes with using Android in a business environment

Special Offer

If you sign up as a licensee before September 30, 2009, we will discount your first year’s support fee by 30%, and you can begin tailoring your software immediately. For partners who choose private label devices, this offer extends to phone/service bundles marketed under your brand.

To license Glass, please click here or call us.

Partnership Examples

IP PBX companies – If you manufacture IP PBX systems, Glass lets you participate in important new margin opportunities: hardware, SAAS and annuity applications. You can brand the screen of the phone and share in future application revenue opportunities. If you develop your own applications for your target market, you’ll have a unique offering that protects your sale price and margins.

SIP phone manufacturers – The SIP telset business has become very competitive as less costly IP PBX and hosted VoIP systems gain market share. By adding a Glass phone to your product line, you get out of the commodity phone business where only low prices win. Your margins go up along with your market share.

The Glass platform offers you a major long-term advantage – the ability to offer a differentiated product to all customers. By adding your own software to Glass-based phones, you create a unique capability that competitors don’t have. For example, you could integrate with a call center management system, a law office time-capture system, or a medical office system. The phone is only limited by your creativity.

Telecom service providers – If you offer hosted VoIP service based on BroadSoft, Sylantro or MetaSwitch software, you’ll be pleased to know that Glass phones will be certified with their systems. Other hosted VoIP software using standard SIP should also work well.

Just like IP PBX system providers, you can tailor Glass to your market by adding applications, or you can resell our applications to your customers. Your margins and market share will rise in unison.

VAR’s, integrators, IT consultants & agents – If you have business clients who desire phones running our platform (like those demonstrated on this website), please contact us by clicking here and we’ll connect you with one of our branded partners and their distributor.

Other customers – If you are a business interested in buying phones built upon Glass, please express your interest by clicking here. We will have a local provider contact you ASAP.