Cloud Tele Computers Company

Cloud Telecomputers,

A San Francisco-based software innovator in business applications and IP telephony, enables powerful business communication products under the brands of partners.

We have built a platform called Glass for creating Android-based media phones for business. We license this platform — which includes next-generation hardware, software and cloud-based applications — to phone and PBX manufacturers and telecom service providers, so they can deliver devices and web services in a fraction of the time and cost required by in-house development. We focus on platform design, software and cloud applications, while customers concentrate on branding, channel development, customer acquisition and operational scale.

Glass’s Android-based environment and open API enable each partner to establish a unique presence in the market, and third parties such as VARs and integrators can tailor application-based solutions to the needs of particular customers or verticals.

We are funded by such telecom notables as Ken Oshman, founder of Rolm Corp., inventor of the first digital PBX; Ed Zander, ex-CEO of Motorola; and Bob Hawk, ex-group president of Qwest. For more information, please contact us.